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A Walk in the Park | Maple Grove Family Photographer

May 23, 2010

The son shone bright at my photo session with the Belongia family last weekend.  We met in the late afternoon for a family photo session and 3-year photos of their beautiful daughter, Savannah.  I knew this photo session was going to be fun because this family is fun and Savannah is stunningly beautiful.

Savannah and I spent a lot of time just the two of us telling jokes and giggling about silly things.  She is quite the joke teller – if you ever meet her, as her about the one about the lizard crossing the road.  Savannah is very photogenic and for a 3-year old follows directions really well!

The Belongia family is about to grow!  I am excited to meet their baby boy and take his newborn photos as well.  Here are several favorites from our session at Elm Creek Park Reserve in Maple Grove, MN.


Big Photography Giveaway – Becky’s Blog | Announcements

May 19, 2010

Do you want to win a FREE family portrait photo session with Jessica Barker Photography? If so, listen up!

I am honored to be part of Becky Higgins’ Spring 2010 Big Photography Giveaway during the month of May. What’s the Big Photography Giveaway, you ask? Five photographers are going to be featured on her blog every single day in the month. I have donated a package, valued at $130, including:

*A 45-minute photo session at a single location (on-location or at the studio) for up to 6 people
*20 finished proofs viewable in a secured online gallery
*A 11×14″ wall portrait
*A CD of web-resolution photos to upload onto Facebook or your blog with a print order of $100 or more

My feature day is TOMORROW, May 20th! All you need to do is comment on Becky’s blog post about me and you’re in the running. I’ll choose the lucky winner and they will be announced on Becky’s blog about a week later. (Don’t worry, I’ll post details about the winner.)

If you haven’t heard of Becky Higgins, her blog has tens of thousands of followers from around the world. Becky shares tons of awesome information on home, family, organization, creativity, cool finds, food, gift-giving, parenting, decorating, design, photography, personal & family history, Project Life, celebrating relationships and overall goodness. Her story is really intriguing – even if you don’t enter the contest, you should follow her blog.

Good luck!

Class of 2011 Senior Reps Needed! | Minneapolis Senior Portrait Photographer

May 12, 2010

Are you or someone you know a high school junior who will be graduating in 2011? Would you like a **FREE** senior portrait photo session (a $200 value) and discounts on prints and products?

You’re in luck! I am looking for Senior Reps from a bunch of schools in the Southwest Metro area. If you don’t see your school listed here, but are interested in becoming a Senior Rep for Jessica Barker Photography, send me an email at

St. Louis Park – 5 senior reps needed
Benilde-St. Margaret’s – 5 senior reps needed
Blake – 5 senior reps needed
Edina – 5 senior reps needed
Hopkins – 5 senior reps needed
Robbinsdale Armstrong – 5 senior reps needed
Robbinsdale Cooper – 5 senior reps needed
Minnetonka – 5 senior reps needed
Park Center – 5 senior reps needed
Wayzata – 5 senior reps needed
Eden Prairie – 5 senior reps needed
Minneapolis Southwest – 5 senior reps needed
Minneapolis Washburn – 5 senior reps needed
Richfield – 5 senior reps needed

Contact Jessica today and start receiving rewards right away!

Week One at Methodist Hospital | Newborn Photographer

May 9, 2010

My first week of working for First Day Photo at Methodist Hospital was truly amazing.

I know many of you have been eager to hear how my first week went. Because I am unable to show the photos (all rights are passed to the parents), I will instead tell you a couple stories of families I met and the experiences I’ve had. I was nervous (of course), but as soon as I entered the Birth Center on the 3rd floor of the West building, I knew I was going to love it. The staff and nurses are very friendly and helpful – I already have a couple pals.

By far, the most fun part about the time I spend at the hospital is getting to know the families that have just welcomed a beautiful baby (or two!) into the world. There is an air of hope on the floor that is almost indescribable. You can’t help but notice it when you walk the halls, but you especially feel it when you meet the new and expanded families. As I enter each patient’s room, I introduce myself and immediately congratulate the parents. As a parent, I know how great it feels when someone acknowledges all the hard work you have done, but also knows all the hard work that is yet to come. I am the one who is excited to potentially be a part of documenting the end product of the recent momentous occasion – their child(ren)’s birth.

Story #1 – Twins!

When I entered the room, I immediately connected with the parents. It was an immediate, unspoken and rather unexpected connection that took us both by surprise. As I congratulated them on the birth of their new baby, I turned only to realize there were two bassinets with babies in them and exclaimed, “Twins!” The parents smiled and laughed at my exclamation and after talking about the photo session, asked me to come back the next day to take their children’s photos. I happily agreed and had a wonderful session with the family that resulted in breathtaking photos for them to cherish for eternity. I saw them again as they were leaving the hospital and wished them well. They were so excited to get home… but filled with anxiety about what was to come. That was on Friday – I trust their first couple of days went well and I hope to see them again soon for follow-up photo sessions.

Story #2 – Tears
What a loving family I met mid-week! Not only did the dad very openly show his emotion about welcoming a new daughter into the family, but he also wholeheartedly loved his wife. After first meeting them, I returned a little later to take their daughter’s photos. The baby was beautifully dressed and sleeping soundly. She was so fun to pose – I love the photos I was able to give this loving family. I couldn’t wait to show them the slideshow of images. When I entered the room with my laptop to show them the images, only the mom was present. As I started the slideshow, her tears began to flow – tears of joy, tears of love, tears of amazement. She was overwhelmed by the photos – in a good way. I couldn’t help, but smile and be proud of what I had done and of how I had added to the joy the family already felt. I will never forget that moment with that mom. It was one of the proudest moments I have had in a long time.

Story #3 – “Hey, are you the photography lady?”
On Friday, I had met or at least seen most of the nurses and staff in the Center. As I walked the halls that morning, determining what room to enter next, I heard, “Hey, are you the photography lady?” My head snapped up, I nodded and answered, “Yes!” A nurse I hadn’t seen before quickly told me that Room 318 had been WAITING for me and I better get down there to chat with her. I scanned my list for 318 and realized it wasn’t even on there, but I added it as fast as lightening. You know when a patient tells a nurse that she wants to see “the photography lady”, it’s going to be a good chat and it was. The patient was from Gambia (west Africa) and wanted lots of different poses of the new baby girl that had entered her large and exceedingly loving family. The family (sisters, cousins, nephews, etc.) fell in love all over again when they saw the beautiful images I captured for them. As I stood back watching them while they watched the slideshow of images, I smiled and took a mind picture to always remember the joy of family.

Week 2 starts tomorrow and I can hardly wait. Now THAT’S what it’s like to love your job.

Words of Wisdom | Personal

May 4, 2010

I started my new job at First Day Photo this week and am loving it.

I met a family yesterday who just welcomed a baby boy into the world that morning and wanted photos taken. Baby’s grandfather and I were in the doorway while a nurse checked on the baby and I casually said, “An amazing day, huh?” He turned to me and said with all his heart, “To tell you the truth, I was diagnosed with cancer 6 years ago and I’m still here. Every day is an amazing day, but to experience this… ” He looked up thanking God or the universe or whatever spiritual being he believes in, then turned back to watch the goings on in the hospital room. Still looking at him, I nodded and realized that his eyes were filled with tears.

As if that wasn’t enough, I came home only to learn that a classmate of mine, Brian, passed away in a horrible and tragic car accident. Even though Brian and I weren’t close, his death has made me realize that every day truly is an amazing day.

I’m going to hug this little girl about 1,000,000 times when she gets home from school. 🙂