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3 Months of Cuteness | Plymouth Children’s Photographer

October 11, 2010

I met Nandan at Methodist after his parents welcomed him into the world.  He was such a sweet baby to photograph and barely fussed at all.  Fast forward three months… I see him again, but this time for his 3-month photos. As soon as he came downstairs with his Mom, my face lit up and I started spewing nonsense words such as “obbabahahba” and “schmutzywutzy” and “goobajooba”.  It was a true pleasure to see Nandan and his family again – they are very special people with some of the warmest hearts I’ve seen in a long time.  Here are some photos from our at-home session.  Enjoy and watch for his 6-month photos coming in January!

The hat Nandan is wearing in the following photo is from Baby Hattitude.  Isn’t it darling?