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The Andersen Family came to the new studio! | St. Louis Park Family Photographer

April 5, 2012

You know when you meet a family and you can literally see the love radiating from them? The Andersen Family – Brenda, Poul and their two sons – are that kind of family!

During the session with their family, their sons were so awesome. Here are some photos of them that bring a HUGE smile to my face.


730 Days and Counting | Personal

April 1, 2012

730 days = 43, 800 minutes = 2 years

I am ecstatic to tell you that is the length of time I have been full-time self-employed.  What an amazing feeling!  Being owner and lead photographer at Jessica Barker Photography for the last 2 years has given me more than I can explain in words, but I’m going to try…

Presence – Being there, truly THERE, for Lily before and after school is priceless.

Flexibility – Setting my own schedule helps me be on-point for my business, my family and myself.  Yes, I still set an alarm, but it’s not as early as it once was!

Creative – I have always been creative in my work, but now it’s my JOB to create.

Independence – As a small business owner, there are definitely pros and cons, but there’s nothing that can hold a candle to being your own boss.

Peace – I am at peace in my career for the first time. The joy of getting up every day and doing what I love… it’s… indescribably awesome.

Gratitude – My friends, family, clients, artist peers and supporters are one of the reasons I have been successful.  I am forever grateful for your never-ending encouragement, love, resources, and referrals (!).

I look forward to many more years of creating beautiful photographs for families. Thank YOU for all that you have done and continue to do for my business and me.

Because a photographer’s blog post is never without a photograph, here is a photo of the main room of my new studio in St. Louis Park.  Watch for another blog post this week with more details!