Tabs Turns Two | St. Louis Park Child Photographer

I’m a little biased about the family highlighted in this blog post because Tabitha (aka: Tabs) and her parents are a few of my most favorite clients in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD.  I had the supreme pleasure of being their in-hospital newborn photographer when I worked with First Day Photo.  Her parents appreciate fine photographs and the work it takes to make them and finish them for print.  Tabs’ dad is a shutterbug himself and we always have fun conversations about cameras, lenses, lighting, etc.  He’s a true hobbyist and it’s fun to “talk shop” with him knowing he wants to learn how to continue to take great photos.  Tabs’ mom is super sweet and loving – she has the best smile and it lights up the place.  Her zest for life and joy of her family is evident when you meet her.  I just LOVE this family! 🙂

Tabs and her parents came to the studio for her 2-year photo session and then we headed out to Wolfe Park to finish it up with some outdoor photos. Enjoy Tabs!

tabs_blog-1 tabs_blog-2 tabs_blog-3 tabs_blog-4 tabs_blog-5




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2 Responses to “Tabs Turns Two | St. Louis Park Child Photographer”

  1. Elise Durbin Says:

    Jessica, you are our favorite photographer! Such stunning images and so patient with us. We love you!

  2. Chaco Dunbar "Professional or James Photography" Says:

    Jessica, you are ABSOLUTELY THE BEST photographer around!!! Tabs<3 adores you!

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